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Organosilicon defoamer

Category : Catalyst and Auxiliary/Water Treatment Chemicals
CAS NO :           EC NO :
MF :
Main Specifications : Solid content: 98%min
Synonyms :
Organosilicon defoamer
Package: 200kg/drum or as your requirement.
Uses : Resin system,Oil processing,Fermentation industry,adhesives, printing ink, paint, resin polymerization, etc.
Product description: Product Information [Product Name] Silicone defoamer RH-9300 [Introduction] Polysiloxane compounds containing hydrophobic particles [Features] It is 100% solid content defoamer, excellent defoaming and inhibit properties, defoaming for the oil system and non-solvent system. [Basic Character] Appearance Translucent to turbid liquid Viscosity 250-400mpa.s Solid content >98% [Application] 1. Chemical industry: adhesives, printing ink, paint, resin polymerization, etc. 2. Defoaming for resin system: PCB ink, printing ink, epoxy resin system adhesives, phenolic resin defoamer. 3. Fermentation industry 4. Oil processing: gas washing, vacuum distillation monomer, ethylene glycol, etc. [Dosage for reference] Dosage is 0.05 -1 % of coating, use in the transparent system should evaluate the compatibility. Because of the high active part, can be diluted to 10% with aromatic solvents, hydrophobic particles precipitate easily, advise to use finish after dilution. The product has thixotropy, viscosity will rise for a long time or low temperature, belongs to the normal phenomenon, suggest to stir well before operation, to facilitate using. [Package]200kg/drum or as your requirement. [Storage] Store in a cool, ventilated place, 24 months validity
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