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High Hydrogen-containing Silicone Oil

Category : Polymers
CAS NO : 63148-62-9          EC NO :
MF : C6H18OSi2
Main Specifications : Hydrogen high volume(%, m/m): ≥1.55
Synonyms : Hard foam silicon (An even vesicant);Hard foam silicon;Methyl silicone oil;Silicone Oil 201;dimethyl silicone oil;Levelling foamer L108;Polydimethyl Silicone Oil;
High Hydrogen-containing Silicone Oil
Package: 200Kg, 50Kg, or 25Kg/drum
Uses : Hydrogen Methyl Silicone Oil emulsion used together with Hydroxy Methyl Silicone Oil emulsion can be waterproof
Molecular Structure:High Hydrogen-containing Silicone Oil 63148-62-9
Product description: Product Name High Hydrogen-containing Silicone Oil RH-8202 Main Composition Polymethylhydrosiloxane Basic Character Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid Viscosity((25°C, mm2/s): 10-50 Density(25°C, g/cm3): 0.995-1.015 Refractive index(25°C): 1.390-1.410 Hydrogen high volume(%, m/m): ≥1.55 Hydrogen low volume(%, m/m): 0.1-1.2 Specialty: reactive silicone oil Usage 1) In the operation of metal salt catalyst, it can be crosslinked film at the low temperature. The waterproof membrane formed on the surface of various materials can be used as waterproof agent of various materials such as fabric, glass, ceramics, paper, leather, metal, cement, marble, especially the waterproof of the fabric. 2) Hydrogen Methyl Silicone Oil emulsion used together with Hydroxy Methyl Silicone Oil emulsion can be waterproof, maintain the airpermeability, increase the tear strength, friction strength and anti-pollution of the fabric, and improve the handle feeling and suture performance of the fabric. 3) Used as anti-stick release agent and cross-linking agent of the paper. 4) It can polymerize with D4 into Low Hydrogen-containing Silicone Oil. It can ingraft various functional groups through addition reaction. Safety Data 1) Danger character: it is flammable under fire, or high temperature. 2) Burning(decomposing) outcome: CO, CO2, silicon dioxide 3) Taboos: alkali, strong acid, strong oxidants 4) Fire fighting methods: carbon dioxide, foam, dry powder, water film-forming foam. Attentions The latex is easily affected by strong acid, alkali, strong electrolyte, causing the change of the quality. Keep far away from these substances. Store in the normal temperature.
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