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Silicone coating Levelling Agent

Category : Paint and Coatings/others
CAS NO :           EC NO :
MF :
Main Specifications : Non-volatile content:>97.0%
Synonyms :
Silicone coating Levelling Agent
Package: 200Kg, 50Kg, or 25Kg/drum
Uses : Organosilicon surfactant auxiliary
Product description: 【Product Name】Levelling Agent for Coating RH-T1033 【Component】Polyether modified polysiloxane 【Instruction】 Organosilicon surfactant auxiliary It can increase the wetting property of the bottom materials by decreasing the surface tension of the coatings. It increases the smoothness of surface, scratch resistance and anti-adhesive property, improves leveling,gloss, and prevents Bernard swirl. Applied as additives in solvent-based, solvent-free based and water-based paint system. 【Basic Character】 Appearance: Colorless to amber transparent oily liquid Specific gravity(25℃):1.05±0.05g/ml Non-volatile content:>97.0% Flash point:>100℃ 【Usage】 The recommended dosage is 0.05~0.3% of the total formulations,0.3~1% in UV and water systems. Generally,it is added as preparing the paints. 【Package】 200Kg, or 25Kg/Plastic barrel 【Storage】 Transportation as non-dangerous goods Store in cool and ventilated warehouse. 12 months of storage period.
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