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Vinyl silicone oil

Category : Polymers
CAS NO : 68083-19-2          EC NO :
MF :
Main Specifications : Viscosity((25℃,mm2/s): 900-100000
Synonyms :
Vinyl silicone oil
Package: 190kg/drum
Uses : the raw material of LSR
Product description: Product Name:α,ω Vinyl Silicone Oil Main Composition:Vinyl-terminated Polysiloxane Character: Appearance: Colourless transparent liquid Viscosity((25℃,mm2/s): 900-100000 Density(25℃,g/cm3): 0.9600-0.9900 Refractive index: 1.4010-1.4080 Volatilizing matter(150℃/3h): ≤1.0% Usage: (1) It has very good activity and will have cross-linking reaction with Hydrogen-containing Silicone Oil. (2) According to the difference of viscosity, content of Vinyl and additives, it can make Liquid Silicone Rubber with different hardness and mechanical property. (3) It can react with many kind of organic materials,such as polyurethane, acrylic acid,etc to make superior new material (such as coatings,etc).
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