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silicone rubber

Category : Polymers/Rubber articles and products
CAS NO :           EC NO :
MF :
Main Specifications :
Synonyms : SIR;
silicone rubber
Package: 20kg,200kg
Uses : Liquid Silicone Rubber for Middle and Low Voltage Resistance
Product description: Product name Injection molding silicone rubber RH-G601 Property: 2-components addition cured liquid silicone rubber, which is suitable for injection molding, with standing middle and low voltage resistance, mixing ration of parts A:B=1:1, catalyzed by Platinum. Feature: Low Viscosity Fine hydrophobicity High tear strength Rapid vulcanization at moderate and low temperature Fine tracking resistance Use area: Medium and low voltage resistance cable accessories, indoor and outdoor cold shrinking terminal, insulators, etc.. Package: 20Kg/Barrel,200kg metal drums. It can be stored half a year in normal temperature.. Storage: Store in cool and ventilated warehouse. 6 moths of storage period.
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