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Handle Additive

Category : Catalyst and Auxiliary/Textile Auxiliary Agent
CAS NO :           EC NO :
MF :
Main Specifications :
Synonyms :
Handle Additive
Package: 50 or 120kg- plastic drum
Usage : Put together with various softener by the proportion (w/w) of 9:1~7:3 (softener : additives).
Product description:

Handle(Oily, Smooth and clear) Additive

The series of auxiliary is specially developed for improving the properties of ordinary softener. Those products are one of necessary chemicals for the corporation who develop/manufacture softening agents.
Appearance: Milky liquid
Ionic: Non-ionic
pH value: 6~7
Component: Special modified organic silicon emulsion
1 Have an excellent compatibility with other cationic, anionic or nonionic auxiliaries;
2 Have an outstanding penetrability and adsorbability;
3 Can form a layer of polymer film on the fiber/fabric and improve the elasticity of textile;
4 Will not affect the luster and color of fiber/fabric, no yellowing or color change;
5 Have an excellent building up ability for textile handle.
Put together with various softener by the proportion (w/w) of 9:1~7:3 (softener : additives).
Handle style:
Super smooth & clear Super fleecy Super tender Super shining
Product care and Packing:
1 Store in cool place, protect against to exposure or be frosted;
2 Storable for 6 months;
3 The products should be homogenized before use;
4 50 or 120kg- plastic drum.

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