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Vinyl Silicone MQ Resin

Category : Polymers/Synthetic Rubber
CAS NO :           EC NO :
MF :
Main Specifications : M/Q Rate: 0.8
Synonyms :
Vinyl Silicone MQ Resin
Package: 200kg drum
Uses : Strengthen filling material in RTV
Product description: Product Name:Vinyl Silicone MQ Resin Series Main Composition:Ethylene Silicone Resin Character: Appearance: Transparent liquid M/Q Rate: 0.8 Density(25°C): 0.89-0.95 Contents of Ethylene: 0.6-13 Use Area: Surface deal dose: Used in silicone PSA, mobile button, epoxy glu,etc. Strengthen filling material: It can be used in RTV glue,HTV glue, addition style liquid silicone rubber, heat sulfuration silicone rubber mixed glue, semiconductor component filling up. Sticky increasing dose: Used in construction fluid sealant, wall coating, high temperature mica board and fiberglass mesh covered heat reservation board. Other addition agent: It can be the element of mold lubricant agent, foam killer, adhesion preventives, polishing agent, peeling off regulator of addition style adhesion preventives. And it also can be used as abrasion resistance and polished finish materials of marble and floor brick. Package 10kg plastics barrel, 20kg plastics barrel
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