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Organic silicon defoamer

Category : Polymers/Others
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Main Specifications :
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Organic silicon defoamer
Uses : Defoaming agent
Product description: Product name : Silicone defoamer RH-9203 Introduction: Defoamer RH-9203 is emulsified by polysiloxane,white carbon has super defoaming and foam suppressing result ▲ Defoam quickly,and long time foam inhibit,small dosage; Good stability,easy to disperse in water,excellent versatility. Good compatibility with frothing media. Using Range: Agrochemicals; Textile process; Paper proces; Water based coatings and ink. Petroleum extraction Waste water treatment; Other water phase foam. method: Add after the form of the foam or add in the formulations as a foam suppressor. Or add directly in the water aqua pesticide.The adding amount is 0.001~0.5% ,or increase and decrease the dosage according to the foam quantity. Storage:Store in cool and ventilated warehouse. Half a year of storage period. Package :50Kg or 120Kg Plastic Barrel.
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