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Silicone defoaming agent

Category : Catalyst and Auxiliary/Other Auxiliary Agent
CAS NO :           EC NO :
MF :
Main Specifications : Non-volatile content>98%
Synonyms :
Silicone defoaming agent
Uses : Expoxy floor coatings,UV ink , unsaturated polyester systems , etc.
Product description: Product Name:Silicone Defoamer RH-9200 Component: Polysiloxane containing the Hydrophobic particles Advantage: Excellent defoaming and foam inhibiting property. Applied to high viscosity and non-solvent system. Basic Character : Appearance: Half transparent to cloudy liquid Non-volatile content>98% Use Area: Expoxy floor coatings,UV ink , unsaturated polyester systems , etc. Using method: Dosage: 0.01 -1.00% of the coatings formulations,. It can get the best foam inhibiting result if adding before grind or before stiring.It can be also added after the process ,but it must be stired to even. The compatibility test is necessarry when using in transparent system. Because it has high active content,it can be solved to 10% with aromatic solvent before the addition. The hydrophobic particles is apt to deposit,it is suggested to be used up immediately after diluted. This product has thixotropy,the viscosity is apt to increase after long time laying or under the low temperatures,which is a normal phenomenon. It is suggested to stir evenly before operations . Package and storage:20/200liter drums. Transportation as non-dangerous goods. Store in cool and ventilated warehouse.24 months of storage period. When the storage overrun the time,check the product before usage
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