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Soft Silicone Oil 80 Inquire
Smooth Silky Silicone Oil 80 Inquire
Nonionic Antistatic Agent Inquire
silicone rubber Inquire
Product name Injection molding silicone rubber RH-G601Property:2-components addition cured liquid silicone rubber, which is suitable for inje...
Mercerized Wool (blended fabrics) Smooth Agent Inquire
Vinyl Phenyl Silicone Resin Inquire
Product Name:Vinyl Phenyl Silicone MQ Resin RH-SP SeriesCharacter: Appearance: Transparent liquidViscosity:2000-20000cpsDensity:0.8900-0.9805V...
Silicon rubber Inquire
Product Name:Addition Curable Liquid Silicone Rubber for Mould RH-G7Character: Appearance:TransparentViscosity(25℃,mPa.s): 50000–73000Ope...
Silicone Penetrating Agent Inquire
CAS NO: 67674-67-3 ;
Product Name:Agricultural Silicone Spreading and penetrating age...
Methylsiloxane-dimethylsiloxane copolymer Inquire
CAS NO:68937-54-2;
Product name:Silicone Oil for Personal Care Products RH-108Introduc...
Amino Silicone Softener Inquire
【Product Name】 Super Soft Amino Silicone Oil RH-NB-8240【Intr...
Agricultural Silicone Surfactant Inquire
CAS NO: 27306-78-1;
Product Name: Agricultural Silicone Surfactant RH-209Main compon...
Leveler Inquire
【Product Name】Levelling Agent for Coating RH-T1006【Component】Polyether modified polysiloxane【Instruction】Organosilicon surfactant aux...
Silicone adjuvant Inquire
CAS NO:134180-76-0;
Product Name:Silicone Adjuvant For agrochemicals RH-620Main compone...
Hydrophilic silicone oil Inquire
【Product Name】 New type Super soft hydrophilic Silicone Oil RH-...
hydrophilic silicone emulsion Inquire
【Product Name】 Fluffy and Soft Hydrophilic Silicone Emulsion RH-NB-962G【Introduction 】Fluffy and Soft Hydrophilic Silicone Emulsion RH-NB...
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