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Aldehyde-free Fixative Inquire
Non-ionic Low Foam Scouring Agent Inquire
Textile Preliminary Finishing Agent Inquire
Silicone defoaming agent Inquire
Product Name:Silicone Defoamer RH-9200Component:Polysiloxane containing the Hydrophobic particlesAdvantage: Excellent defoaming and foam inhi...
Organic silicon defoamer Inquire
Product name : Silicone defoamer RH-9203Introduction:Defoamer RH-9203 is emulsified by polysiloxane,white carbon has super defoaming and...
Smooth Compound Emulsifier Inquire
Amino Silicone Oil Compound Emulsifier Inquire
Soft and Loose Additive Inquire
Smooth Type High Smooth Additive Inquire
Oil Type High Smooth Additive Inquire
Super Smooth Finishing Agent Inquire
Softener Soft Flake Inquire
Soft Oil Inquire
Hydroxy silicone oil Inquire
CAS NO:70131-67-8;
Product Name:Hydroxyl terminated polydimethyl siloxaneViscosity ...
Cation Amino Silicone Oil Latex Inquire
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